Fresno State Coach Rodney Terry challenging point guards for better play

Fresno State point guard Allen Huddleston led the Bulldogs with 19 points in a 77-68 exhibition victory over Fresno Pacific on Friday. He hit 5 of 9 shots, including 3 of 4 at the three-point line. He also had eight assists. But it was his eight turnovers that stood out, eight of the Bulldogs’ 25 in the game.

‘’Allen Huddleston, he hasn’t played in a whole year,’’ Coach Rodney Terry said, of the transfer from Pacific. ‘’But can’t make any excuses for him because some of the mistakes he’s making right now, we can’t coach. You know, he’s going to have to put it right back on him again in terms of taking care of the basketball, getting in and getting some extra ball-handling work and get some things done.’’

Turnovers have been an issue since practices started last month, in a scrimmage two weeks ago and a closed scrimmage against USC last week. It has not just been the point guard – forward Jerry Brown had six turnovers against the Sunbirds and Kevin Foster, Tyler Johnson and freshmen Tanner Giddings and Aaron Anderson had two.

But eight is more than enough.

‘’He’s got a lot of room to grow,’’ Terry said. ‘’I’m going to be hard on that position because, again, we can’t be a team that beats ourselves. We have to give ourselves a chance to win. A year ago we had one of the better assists-to-turnover ratios in the country and we have to take care of the basketball.

‘’Steven Shepp did that for us a year ago and that’s the challenge that Allen is going to have to continue to get better each and every day. He’s going to have to get better to do it. Aaron is going to have to help him a little bit, Tyler is going to have to help him. We’ll get (Kevin Olekaibe) back here in a next couple of days and we’ll acclimate him and get him back in there to help with the ball handling as well.’’