Miscommunication led to penalties on ‘Dogs offensive line

Fresno State was penalized eight times for 85 yards in its victory over Hawaii last Saturday, three of those calls illegal chop blocks that, offensive line coach Cameron Norcross said, stemmed from miscommunication that will have to be cleaned up this week in practice.

”They were legitimate calls,” Norcross said. ”They were things that we can’t have happen. Those things 90 percent of the time are going to cost us drives. You know, they’re 15-yard penalties and that one put us from 2nd-and-2 to 1st-and-25. That’s hard to overcome. There are not many calls in the playbook for 1st-and-25. On 2nd-and-2, you’ve got the everything wide open.

”Those are things we’ve got too really work to clean up and part of it is some of the moving parts we’ve had the last couple weeks and they were all on that right side with a kid that was playing his second game veer in college (freshman Alex Fifita) and a kid that’s playing his second game ever at guard (Cody Wichmann). ┬áThose are things that are going to happen, and the other one that happened was with our second-team in there and they didn’t communicate.

”You get guys like (left guard Matt Hunt and left tackle Austin Wentworth) who have played a ton of football together, they’re not having those communication issues. But when you put two new guys in there, that’s stuff that we’re working through and making sure it doesn’t happen again.”