During bye week, Nevada tried to fix what is broken, but there’s a whole lot there to mend

Nevada is coming off a bye week and with the extra time between games at Air Force and against Fresno State, Coach Chris Ault said the Wolf Pack spent a lot of time on themselves, correcting mistakes. Or, trying to.

‘’It was good for us,’’ Ault said. ‘’We had gone straight without any bye weeks, any days off, since camp so it was good to back off and try to fix some of the things that are broken and get better at some of the fundamental skills on both sides of the ball.’’

Tackling is probably one of those fundamental skills.

When it last played, Nevada allowed 600 yards of total offense in a 48-31 loss to the Falcons and the Wolf Pack has not forced an opponent to punt in almost six quarters of football; the last punt was by San Diego State on Oct. 26, on the Aztecs opening drive of the second half of a 39-38 overtime victory.

Since that punt, the Nevada drives have gone like this …

Against San Diego State:

10 plays, 62 yards – touchdown

9 plays, 73 yards – touchdown

11 plays, 75 yards – touchdown

7 plays, 63 yards – field goal

2 plays, 25 yards – touchdown

Against Air Force:

12 plays, 48 yards – field goal

1 play, 3 yards – fumble lost

9 plays 75 yards – touchdown

8 plays, 95 yards – touchdown

9 plays, 65 yards – touchdown

6 plays, 83 yards – touchdown

2 plays, 29 yards – fumble lost

15 plays, 75 yards – touchdown

14 plays, 73 yards – touchdown

11 plays, 59 yards – field goal

4 plays, minus-7 yards – downs, end of game

That’s 16 possessions – really, 15, since Air Force was taking a knee to run out the clock on that last one – and 10 touchdowns and three field goals and that’s not good.