When it comes to adjustments, ‘Dogs have been ahead of the curve

There is enough for the Fresno State Bulldogs to worry about when facing a Nevada offense that is averaging 260.6 rushing yards per game and 262.7 passing yards a game, the only team in the bowl subdivision gaining more than 260 yards per game in both categories.

The Wolf Pack is ranked eighth in total offense, 14th in scoring offense. They have scored 30 points or more in every game this season, which is something even the Bulldogs have not managed to do, scoring 26 in a loss at Tulsa, 28 in a win at Colorado State and 10 in a loss at Boise State.

And, they are coming into this Mountain West match up with the Bulldogs off a bye week, which has given them plenty of time to add a bit to the offense they run from the Pistol formation.

‘’He’s had two weeks so there will be a whole bunch of new wrinkles. He’ll do stuff in the off week that we’re not expecting, so we have our hands full dealing with that,’’ defensive coordinator Nick Toth said.

Adjustments will need to be made, but that, Mike linebacker Travis Brown said, is why the Bulldogs’ defense will go into the game with a degree of confidence.

‘’They’ve been pretty solid about keeping what they’ve been doing. We looked at them today and they haven’t run any kind of shotgun empty this whole year,’’ said Brown, who is third on the team with 46 tackles. ‘’I don’t know if they’re into too much new stuff, but what they’ve done in the past is add an option guy to it. That’s what they did to our old scheme.

‘’But if it does happen, they won’t be the first team to add a little wrinkle into their offense to catch us off guard. That first series or two, we catch it, we make our adjustments off of it. That’s what these coaches do best. We’re in good hands if they come out in something different.

‘’We have adjustments on the field that, if they come out in a funky formation, we can check into and get cleaned up right there. But if they come out in a totally crazy play, we’ll just wait until we get to the sidelines and if it gets bad enough where they’re hitting chunks we’ll call timeout and fix it right there.’’