This year, Bulldogs’ recruiting road is paved with wins

Fresno State Coach Tim DeRuyter is sending his assistant coaches on the recruiting road on Thursday – practice will be run by DeRuyter, offensive coordinator Dave Schramm, defensive coordinator Nick Toth and the graduate assistants. They will remain on the road through Saturday, using the NCAA evaluation days to look at high school and junior college players in the 2013 recruiting class.

The Bulldogs are in need of a lot of help, losing key seniors in strong safety Phillip Thomas, linebackers Travis Brown, Shawn Plummer and Tristan Okpalaugo, offensive linemen Richard Helepiko and Matt Hunt, running back Robbie Rouse and wide out Rashad Evans, among others.

But sitting at the top of the Mountain West Conference race, tied with San Diego State, DeRuyter and his staff are finding the going a little better this year compared to last, when they first came in.

There has been …

‘’A little different response?’’ DeRuyter asked. ‘’Oh, yeah. You know, the phones are ringing a lot more coming this way as opposed to always going that way. That’s typical. Guys want to go where they can have success, so if they see a team having success, playing an exciting brand of football and seeing guys having fun doing that, it becomes an attractive product for future players. We’re looking forward to going out and finding the next generation of guys that can do what these guys have done.’’