Fresno State won’t hold back end Andy Jennings; if he’s healthy, he plays against Hawaii

Andy Jennings made it through only a couple of plays at New Mexico before reinjuring a right foot that kept him off the practice field the through the middle of last week.

But the junior defensive end intends to be a go again on Saturday when Fresno State plays Hawaii at Bulldog Stadium, and there is no thought to holding him back with a game at Nevada and against the Air Force to close out the season – Hawaii is 1-6 and 0-4 in the conference while the Wolf Pack is 6-3 and 3-2 and the Falcons are 5-3 and at 4-1 in the MWC tied for second with the Bulldogs and San Diego State.

“We’re planning on Andy playing and Andy told me (Monday), ‘I’m planning on playing, coach.’ And I told him, ‘We’re planning on playing you,’ ” defensive coordinator Nick Toth said. ”We’re not worried about the opponent. If he can play, he’ll play.

”We’re not going to save him for anything- you don’t get enough opportunities. The kid works 12 months a year for these (games). If he is 70 percent and he can go, he’s going to go. I’m not going to save anybody. Unless he tells me, ‘I can’t go,’ he’s going to play. There’s no thought of saving him for the next week.’’