Hawaii figures to be the Road Warriors by the time they get to Fresno

Hawaii will be playing a back-to-back road game on Saturday at Fresno State, and the Warriors’ record in those scheduling situations has never been very good.

Already this season, they lost at San Diego State 52-14 in the second of consecutive road games. Last year, they lost at Nevada-Las Vegas 40-20 the week after losing at Washington. In 2010, they lost at Colorado 31-13 the week after a road win at Army.

They have not won the second of back-to-back road games since beating a New Mexico State team in 2008 that went 3-9.

But it is even more challenging this year for Coach Norm Chow – Hawaii, unlike an overwhelming majority of college football teams, is taking commercial rather than charter flights. The Warriors travel itinerary this week starts after practice and meetings on Thursday, when they fly to Los Angeles. They will spend Thursday night in a hotel there, before taking buses on Friday over the Grapevine and up 99 to Fresno. After the game on Saturday they will bus back to Los Angeles and again spend the night in a hotel before catching a flight home on Sunday morning.

They had the same schedule, but more travel, last week when playing at Colorado State.

‘’The tough part is, it’s a commercial flight,’’ Chow said. ‘’When we’re on commercial flights, we’re sitting next to a family that’s going to Disneyland for the weekend, that kind of deal. The big guys sit back in coach and it’s just tough. But we’re used to it. Our guys, we don’t make excuses. Our guys are used to it and they handle themselves properly. We just have to do it that way.’’

The Warriors’ coach isn’t making excuses, but the travel does take a toll.

‘’I think it takes a tremendous toll,’’ Chow said. ‘’Again, no excuses. But it’s five hours, and we spent a lot of time talking to some people, sleep psychologists, over the summer and they claim that for every time zone you cross it takes a day to recover and we go across three time zones before we even land, and then we go to another one when we went to Fort Collins, Colo.’’