Injury update on Fresno State freshman Aaron Anderson

The second career start for Fresno State point guard Aaron Anderson came to an abrupt end on Sunday with 10:30 remaining in the Bulldogs’ 89-64 victory over Sonoma State.

He took a shot to the head committing a foul against Seawolves’ guard Brandon Glanz and did not return – the freshman had played 20 minutes to that point, hitting a pair of 3-pointers, grabbing four rebounds and handing off two assists without a turnover.

‘’I think he’s going to be fine,’’ Coach Rodney Terry said. ‘’I think in this day and time, anytime you have a blow to the head and you have a little bit of blurriness, you’re going to be very overly cautious with having a player return to the game. But he’s going to be fine. Aaron is a tough kid and all indications right now are he’s going to be fine. We just took extra precautions with what happened to him.’’