NFL set to release schedule today but who will play on MNF opener?

In several hours, the NFL is set to release the 2013 NFL schedule.

Originally the NFL was to have released the schedule on Tuesday but opted to wait two more days.

NFL fans have always circled the calendar a week before the NFL draft to see who will play each week.

But who will play on the MNF doubleheader?

It will likely not be any of these teams: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Oakland and San Diego.

Last season, the Ravens routed the Bengals 44-13. Then the Chargers came away with a 22-14 road victory. Sure, the Raiders have played on the MNF opener the past two seasons, but I don’t see it happening this year because of a subpar 2012 season.

What’s more attractive?

If I was a schedule maker I would put these four teams on MNF: Denver at New England and Seattle at San Francisco.

You’ve got Welker returning to Foxborough and another Brady vs. Manning. Then you have the 49ers and Seahawks who both made key acquisitions in the offseason.

The AFC West had teams in the MNF opener the past five seasons. The last time the NFC West had teams playing in the opener was in 2007 when San Francisco defeated Arizona, 20-17.

The defending champion Baltimore Ravens will open on the road because the Major League Baseball’s Baltimore Orioles has a home game. But where will the Ravens play?

My guess is they will visit Pittsburgh. Bitter rivals. Enough said.

Who would you like to see play on the opening weekend of MNF?