New uniforms for Fresno State football?

Fresno State is considering going with an old-school look and change up its football uniforms.

It wouldn’t be a permanent switch, and talks of introducing new uniforms are still preliminary.

An alternate all-white helmet

An alternate all-white helmet that Fresno State is expected to introduce for the 2013 season.

But coach Tim DeRuyter and a few of Fresno State’s athletic staff are exploring a few helmet, jersey and pants combinations that would be used on special occasions.

Like maybe for a whiteout, or a redout. Or perhaps a blackout?

Among the looks Fresno State is considering is an all-white helmet with the Bulldogs logo. Another look is an all-red helmet with the word “Bulldogs” written in cursive, the logo the Bulldogs wore during the late ’90s and earlier.

Fresno State just went through a major uniform change during the summer of 2011, so the school isn’t about to get rid of the current look. The biggest change during that uniform overhaul was the introduction of a blue stripe down the red helmet.

Some fans — and players — were disappointed back then when Fresno State wasn’t able to introduce an all-black uniform. After all, even Spiderman occasionally broke out his all-black costume (after he found the alien suit).

More than likely, though, Fresno State will stick to its traditional colors of red and white and sometimes blue.

Fresno State’s previous look (on the left) before the most recent new look (right) was unveiled prior to the 2011 season.

Again, the new look/looks — if they come to fruition — will be used as alternate jerseys and only come out for special events, so I’ve been told.